Sharp Reveals its Plasmacluster Ion Technology Breakthrough for Superior Healthy Living

Last May 18, 2023, Sharp introduced its newest product - Sharp Purefit Plasmacluster Air Purifier. The launch was held in Osaka, Japan in conjunction with Sharp 2023 Regional Product Launch. The new air purifier features a modern design with natural textures to seamlessly blend with interior spaces, combined with innovative technologies, all to elevate the well-being as well as the lifestyle value of consumers. 

Sharp Reveals its Plasmacluster Ion Technology Breakthrough for Superior Healthy Living

As a pioneering company in home appliances, we are proud to launch the Purefit Plasmacluster Air Purifier as part of Sharp’s ongoing commitment to deliver unique Japanese innovative solutions dedicated to meeting the needs of modern urban living that enhances people's lives. Powered by our revolutionary Plasmacluster technology, we understand the impact of air quality on our daily lives and remain committed to enhancing the well-being and lifestyle of our consumers while ensuring the health of the planet,” said Hideyuki Nagamine, Head of Sharp Corporation’s PCI/HC Division of Smart Appliances and Solutions Business Unit.

Purefit Plasmacluster Air purifier uses various unique technologies in harmony with people’s lifestyle. By the new “dual suction” structure, it realizes obvious compact body size (333 mm x 330mm x 578mm) for its coverage area (84m2/JEMA standard), and combined with SHARP unique COANDA air flow technology as well as the triple filtering system, it provides authentic air purification performance and user experiences. 

The new Purefit Plasmacluster Air Purifier will be made available soon in the Philippines.

Tested by over 35 institutions and organizations around the world, the Plasmacluster Ion Technology has been proven to effectively improve human health and well-being.

About Plasmacluster Ion(PCI) Technology

By utilizing a multi-stage process, the Plasmacluster technology mechanism achieves unparalleled air purification, positioning it as the leading choice among ASEAN countries for superior air quality and a comfortable living experience. Sharp air purifiers emit positive and negative ions, the same ions that occur in nature, which deactivates up to 99.9% of airborne viruses and bacteria creating a healthier and safer space conducive for growth.

Additional Discovery and Breakthrough of Plasmacluster Ion Technology

Sharp’s cutting-edge Plasmacluster Ion (PCI) Technology has been scientifically proven to have a positive impact on human health. Through numerous collaborative studies with universities across Japan and various industries, Sharp Corporation has discovered that Plasmacluster technology reduces stress, improves concentration levels, and enhances athletic performance.

In a joint research effort with Japan's Shizuoka University, the efficacy of Plasmacluster technology was demonstrated in promoting plant growth, highlighting its potential beyond air purification.

Sharp Reveals its Plasmacluster Ion Technology Breakthrough for Superior Healthy Living

Sharp’s PCI Technology offers powerful innovative health solutions as it suppresses and removes viruses and bacteria, removes static electricity, beautifies skin, and provides safety. This advanced technology, paired with its air purifier’s high-performance dual suction, efficiently collects large volumes of air, providing supreme air purification. 

Also, Sharp Corporation conducted collaborative research on its Plasmacluster technology, with Dr. Goichi Hagiwara, Associate Professor, Faculty of Human Sciences, Kyushu Sangyo University. When the mechanism of its enhancing effectiveness on human work performance is validated by measuring brain function, Sharp confirmed for the first time in the world, the potential to induce brain activation by exposing working people to Plasmacluster ions with positive and negative ions emitted simultaneously. Through research, Sharp has demonstrated that its Plasmacluster technology contributes to the enhancing effectiveness of work performance (reducing stress, maintaining the concentration of people working indoors or driving a car, improving exercise training efficiency, esports scores, and so on). 

With the discovery of the potential of Plasmacluster technology to induce brain activation as a turning point, Sharp will continuously conduct the verification of the effectiveness and its mechanism against the human being to enhance its reliability, and will study the additional effectiveness and applicability of Plasmacluster technology to the new field. Since its initial launch in 2000, Sharp's air purification solutions featuring Plasmacluster Technology have exceeded 100 million units sold worldwide, signifying a positive impact on people's lives, regardless of where they are. 

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