Mas Pinadali at Mas Pinabilis ang SIM Registration DITO!

DITOZens, mas pinadali na at mas pinabilis ang SIM card registration! DITO Telecommunity is providing more reasons for its millions of subscribers to register their SIM cards before the April 26 deadline with improvements on its DITO App aimed to further simplify and enhance users’ registration process.

Mas Pinadali at Mas Pinabilis ang SIM Registration DITO!

As the telco fully supports the government’s strengthened efforts to stomp out the proliferation of text scams and other mobile phone-aided criminal activities, DITO Telecommunity has introduced new features in the DITO App that will enable customers to register their SIM cards more conveniently. 

Here are DITO App’s top enhancements for new and existing users: 

  • Countdown Timer – A pop-up window appears when logging in with a countdown for the registration. This is to remind customers of the deadline for SIM registration, which is set on April 26 of this year.

  • Time-saving – The DITO App is now equipped with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) which helps save time by automating the process of personal data entry. Instead of manually entering data, OCR can quickly scan and convert users’ personal details – such as name and date of birth into digital form, allowing for faster processing of information

  • Easy Information – Users can easily check their registration status through DITO Number Quick Status and get access to downloadable success information page.

  • Up to five DITO numbers can be processed in one registration

Introducing updates in DITO App is part of our commitment to facilitating a seamless and hassle-free SIM registration experience for our subscribers. With this, we hope that our more than 15 million users will finish their registration before the deadline in April,” said Ms. Evelyn Jimenez, DITO Telecommunity Chief Commercial Officer.

Registering their SIM cards is not only easy and convenient but also rewarding as DITO subscribers will get 2GB bonus data immediately after completing the process, allowing them to experience high-quality streaming and gaming, as well as clearer video calls. 

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As of March 27, DITO Telecommunity has already logged more than 4M registrations. 

Making the registration process as smooth as possible is part of DITO Telecommunity’s promise of empowering Filipinos across the country with reliable mobile services. We encourage our subscribers to register their SIM cards now to avoid deactivation,” Jimenez said.  

The DITO App can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store.

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