Newbie gamers are in for a treat with the power-packed feature of vivo Y16

Powered with technological innovations, the way people view online gaming drastically changed. From being just a pastime, the success of streamers and the creation of different esports organizations show that online gaming is indeed a career out of their passion. Seeing the demand for better mobile gaming features at a price more accessible for Filipinos, vivo equipped the vivo Y16 with specs that can help even newbie gamers play like a pro.

Newbie gamers are in for a treat with the power-packed feature of vivo Y16

The future continues to look bright for them with market forecasts reporting exponential and continued growth of the mobile gaming community. New to mobile gaming but want to hit that new game and be the champion of your league? Here’s how, according to vivo.

Explore the vast gaming options

Gaming is a fun and exciting opportunity to build a career while doing what you love.

Developers are always up for the challenge of penetrating the market in surprising ways with more genres. Begin by finding out which among the several online game choices suits your preference the most.

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Feel free to download and explore these gaming apps without worrying about limited phone space with the vivo Y16’s 4GB + 1GB Extended RAM complemented by its enormous 64GB or 128GB of ROM and 1TB storage expansion support.  Whether you are into chill gaming or action-packed and intense online games, worry not as vivo Y16’s specs won’t let lags get in the way.

Set time to practice and stick to it

Everyone wants to secure that sweet sound of victory blasting from their speakers. But as cliché as it seems, A-game performance requires long hours of practice.

The vivo Y16’s long-lasting battery power got you covered. Its 5000mAh can last up to 7 hours of heavy gameplay and 18 hours of online HD YouTube video streaming if you want to watch videos about gameplay and tricks.

vivo, however, did not stop with an impressive RAM, ROM, and battery power. Users are assured to get more than its price range as the vivo Y16 is powered with Multi-Turbo 5.5 that optimizes core scenes for a smoother game play. The model also comes with Ultra Game Mode, and Esports mode allowing users to manage distractions such as alerts, messaging apps, and calls while in game which assures both hardcore and newbie gamers an uninterrupted and more enjoyable gameplay.

Review your idol’s winning game plays

You can also expand your strategies by watching the winning performances of your favorite players. Watching reactions and commentaries is also educational for beginners. Take delight in finding helpful tips from the pro by zooming onto slowed frame-by-frame action. Plus, it keeps you updated with what’s happening in the gaming scene.

Newbie gamers are in for a treat with the power-packed feature of vivo Y16

See this in full and immersive view through vivo Y16’s 6.51-inch Halo FullView display with HD+ (1600×720) resolution. This feature is powered with smart brightness adjustment and Eye Protection mode that reduces harmful blue lights, so you can watch for a long time with minimal eye strain. Gamers can take advantage of this HD display to stream and scream victory.

Game in style

Gamers know why skins are important for their characters. The same thing goes with their devices. vivo Y16 comes in two colorways: Drizzling Gold for legendary winners, and Stellar Black inspired by the pattern of shooting stars, like a player creating miraculous charges for the team.

For a more comfortable grip during heavy game play, the vivo Y16 was designed with 8.19 mm thickness and elegant 2.5D curvature. A true go-to for gamers who are also keen on fashion.

Pursue that esport gaming career with the vivo Y16’s power-packed features. The vivo Y16 128GB and 64GB variant can be purchased via vivo’s official website, Lazada, Shopee, TikTok shop and through vivo’s offline stores and kiosks nationwide.

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