vivo champions photography in the Philippines

Interest in photography seems to be at an all-time high—and still gaining momentum—in the Philippines these days. Thanks to technology, anyone with a camera phone can simply take a photo and, in no time, showcase it to the world when they upload it on social media. Each shot tells a story and captures the audience’s attention. This is where choosing the best camera phone becomes crucial.

vivo Champions Photography in the Philippines

Bound by its unrelenting commitment to improving its smartphone photography offerings for all types of consumers, vivo has the perfect response to this summon. Explore and learn more about the vivo X80 series and the vivo V23e 5G to enrich your photography experience.


Known as the building blocks of a digital image, megapixels are responsible for the ‘resolution’ of a camera. With higher resolution, photos churn out with clearer elements.

The vivo X80 Pro is equipped with a sophisticated 50MP Ultra-Sensing GNV Sensor on the main camera, with 48MP IMX598 Wide-Angle Camera, 12MP IMX663 Portrait Camera, and 8MP 5X Periscope Camera. Meanwhile, the vivo X80 has 50MP IMX866 RGBW Main Camera, 12MP IMX663 Wide-Angle Camera, and 12MP IMX663 Portrait Camera. With these specs, the models easily capture more light and produce show-stopping images in impressive detail. And with the entire vivo X80 series being empowered by ZEISS Optics with all lenses meeting ZEISS T* Coating standards, expect nothing but wondrous pictures with vivid true colors.

On the other hand, the vivo v23e 5G has an AI triple rear camera that creates clear images with its 50MP Main Camera and 80MP Super Wide-Angle Camera. Also worth noting, this model boasts a 44MP Front Camera that allows its users to have laser-focus photos and an autofocus feature for sharp and clear selfies no matter the distance, motion, or lighting.

Image Stabilization

Is your smartphone capable of reducing camera shake in order to avoid motion blur that is associated with movement while a photo or video is being taken? Keep in mind, image stabilization greatly contributes to the overall picture quality.

vivo Champions Photography in the Philippines

With the vivo X80 Pro, you can shoot pro-standard portraits effortlessly and with utmost stability even if you are on the go. This is made possible by the creative Gimbal Portrait Camera. In addition, the Active Centering OIS System maximizes the stabilization range of each frame so every video is smooth and clear. Go hiking, jogging, or skydiving, when the subject rotates, the 360° Horizon Leveling Stabilization works its magic to keep the picture rock-steady.

Steady video shooting is also available with the vivo V23e 5G. Both the Steadiface Selfie Video and the rear camera highlight the face or subject and keep it still even while the background moves.

HDR (High Dynamic Range)

This is an important factor as it ensures that the images you capture strike a balance between the dark areas of the photo (known as shadows) and the lighter ones (highlights), so they aren’t overexposed or underexposed.

The vivo V1+ Chip of the vivo X80 series is designed to enhance night video denoising and HDR performance to deliver outstanding images and videos despite unfavorable light conditions. In addition, the ZEISS Super Night Cameras across the entire vivo X80 series serves as a solid foundation for superior night photography. Because of the unique vivo V1+ Chip, Super Night Video delivers exceptional results even in extreme darkness. Better still, AI Video Enhancement detects scenarios and matches them with the best camera settings.

For the vivo V23e 5G, its Natural Portrait Mode has the ability to enhance photos based on the available light in the scene while the Intelligent Night Mode, through the AI Portrait Restore technology, can create clear high-definition photos with impressive shadow layers.

vivo Champions Photography in the Philippines

These are only some of the major factors you may want to put premium consideration on to help you tell a story through your beautiful and vivid photos. Yes, there are a number of ways to upgrade your photography skills. Extensively reading up about it and taking a class or attending workshops appear to be the obvious ones. However, continuous practice and using a camera phone such as the vivo X80 series and the vivo V23e 5G can be just as valuable, if not more effective. 

Get to know these models more deeply to better understand how they function and their special features so you can get the most out of them.

Visit vivo’s official website and Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube channels to learn more about the vivo X80 series and the vivo V23e 5G. 

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