Top specs to rock the “work-from-anywhere” set-up with the vivo X80 series

Today’s working class has always shown a strong desire to have work-life balance. While the pandemic opened the door for hybrid set-up, the work-from-anywhere arrangement has been embraced by this generation even before as it offers opportunities to conveniently work from their comfort zones and manage their time better. Keen to enable its users to take control of their time by working smart and achieving a dynamic lifestyle, vivo recently introduced its latest flagship smartphone line– the vivo X80 series.

Top specs to rock the “work-from-anywhere” set-up with the vivo X80 series

Designed for those looking for a powerful smartphone with premium features, the vivo X80 series boasts superior performance— thanks to the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and the Mediatek Dimensity 9000 processors paired with vivo’s very own vivo V1+ chip. On top of these powerful processors are the vivo X80 series’ professional imaging capabilities in partnership with ZEISS to further compliment the lifestyle of digital nomads, nine-to-fivers, and freelancers alike. 

Here's a rundown of the top specs the vivo X80 series boasts to elevate one’s work-from-anywhere mobile experience:

Power-packed processors

Combining a plethora of technologies into a portable device, the vivo X80 series boosts productivity and can help you get things done wherever you are – may it be along the road or on a beach.

The vivo X80 and X80 Pro use a dual-chip processing system that combines the specialized vivo V1+ Chip with the most recent processors available to deliver industry-leading performance. The Pro variant is equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 plus the vivo V1+ Chip, while the X80 is powered by MediaTek Dimensity 9000 Processor and the vivo V1+ Chip.  

Users can now more effectively multitask without worrying about sluggishly swapping between apps or even juddering while on split-screen. With this, professionals can complete tasks with ease whether from home or in the office. 

Large, immersive screen

Smartphones have been the go-to device for professionals so it’s no surprise that most users are now looking for smartphones with a big screen and eye care technology. One of the features that the vivo X80 series boasts is its E5 AMOLED display in a 6.78” 3D flexible screen. Complementing this vivid high definition screen is the SGS Eye Care display which helps minimize eye strain even when using the device for longer hours.

Fast-charging battery

From last-minute hotel check-ins to answering important emails, the vivo X80 series can handle all the bandwidth needed for anyone to get the job done. Users can rely on the vivo X80 Pro’s large 4700 mAh battery to last a full day of normal use. Always be on the go in a matter of minutes as it can be charged up to 70% in just a whopping 19 minutes, saving users more time when it comes to charging. 

Both variants are also equipped with an 80W FlashCharge that allows the devices to charge at a faster speed. The vivo X80 Pro takes it to another level with its 50W wireless charger compatibility, making it all the more convenient for professionals and anyone working while traveling.

Top specs to rock the “work-from-anywhere” set-up with the vivo X80 series

ZEISS-powered cameras

One of the many tenets of a hybrid set-up is that it allows employees to pursue their hobbies and spend time with their families while still complying with their responsibilities at work. Thankfully, the vivo X80 series allows users to enjoy work-life balance. 

Now, with the vivo X80 series, anyone can confidently share crisp photos of their work-from-home office set-ups or even vlog about their latest remote destination workplace. Both variants of the vivo X80 series sport ZEISS Optics, with all lenses meeting ZEISS T* Coating standards. With its partnership with ZEISS, the vivo X80 series enables users to capture professional-grade photos with a compact device. 

In front, both vivo X80 series variants are equipped with a 32MP camera that can clearly capture selfies while at work or on a road trip. Other imaging features include ZEISS’ Cinematic Video Capabilities and Gimbal Portrait Camera which allows its users to create professional level videos sans the worries of video quality and camera stabilization. 

Top specs to rock the “work-from-anywhere” set-up with the vivo X80 series

Stylish design, sturdy build

To match its market’s sophistication, the vivo X80 series elegantly sports a curved polished build that is easy to grip. With IP68 technology that makes the vivo X80 series dust and waterproof, users will be treated to a worry-free, on-the-go experience.

The vivo X80 Pro variant comes in an elegant Cosmic Black color while the vivo X80 model comes in two colorways, Cosmic Black and Urban Blue. Together with the exclusive vivo V1+ chip, latest Snapdragon and Mediatek processors plus the professional-grade ZEISS cameras, the vivo X80 series definitely fits the fast-paced and exciting lifestyle of today’s Filipino professionals. 

Interested customers can purchase the vivo X80 Pro for P59,999 or the vivo X80 variant for P45,999 through vivo’s e-comm website, Shopee, and Lazada. The vivo X80 series is also available via Home Credit and Credit Cards with available partner banks.

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