New HUAWEI Foldable Smartphone and Watch are coming to PH soon!

HUAWEI has always been a pioneer in the innovation and development of foldable phones and smartwatches. The company’s continuous investments in Research and Development ushers in the era of the most ideal foldable phones and wearables, bringing consumers the ultimate, pleasant, and most user-friendly device experience.

New HUAWEI Foldable Smartphone and Watch are coming to PH soon!

Rumor has it, HUAWEI is set to release a new addition to its HUAWEI Mate line, and is adding a breakthrough in smartwatch technology that allows users to measure blood pressure anywhere and anytime.

HUAWEI’s brand-new flagship foldable smartphone

The new MATE Series leverages its strengths of being ultra-flat, ultra-thin, ultra-light, and super durable, bringing consumers a perfect example of blending innovative technology with the ultimate experience. Inheriting HUAWEI’s DNA of technological innovation, this perfect foldable phone is set to provide better experiences, including a more immersive large-screen and more powerful innovative interactions.

Contemporary unique unibody design

Putting consumers at its heart, this new HUAWEI foldable phone focuses on solving the pain points of traditional foldable smartphones, including heavyweight, visible crease, and poor reliability as it adopts a lightweight and unibody design with innovative materials to bring a comfortable grip that is comparable to a non-foldable phone, showcasing the ideal form factor of a foldable smartphone. It’s also allegedly said that this new flagship smartphone will have a new-generation Wing Design making it light and dainty, with its futuristic look.

What even makes it more exciting is the display it will sport — as it is rumored to be the flagship foldable large-screen smartphone with the highest resolution and pixel density on the market. 

Excellent performance bound for those who live multi-faceted lifestyles 

HUAWEI is a brand that is renowned for its battery technology. It has constantly brought the biggest batteries and best charging technology to the market through both its flagship and more affordable handsets. When it comes to the battery size of this new MATE Series, we’re expecting to see something very impressive coupled with a fast-charging technology striking the perfect balance between form and function.

With HUAWEI also leading in imaging technology, it’s expected that this foldable smartphone ​can faithfully reproduce enriched colors of imaging, allowing users to accurately capture all the hues and vibrancy in the world.

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HUAWEI’s all-new Medical Grade Smartwatch 

With the need of taking one step ahead of one’s health, HUAWEI is set to introduce the very first wrist-type ECG and blood-monitoring pressure to continuously contribute to sufferers of different chronic diseases.

This technological breakthrough aims to bring the convenience of health monitoring to consumers’ wrists, coupled with multiple workout modes and other health monitoring functions that will make it the ​new and must-have choice as an everyday health monitoring and care companion. 

Since 2000, smartwatch technology has been evolving. With the launch of this new comprehensive health assistant, it sees advancements in features, which have gone further in terms of health management and medical services, indicating smartwatches have moved forward to a new level.

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