DIZO Buds Z Review: Before You Buy

Alongside the launch of a slew of DIZO products, realme gave spotlight to the DIZO Buds Z. It's a TWS earphones supported by realme TechLife; and in turn, it could be paired to the realme Link app. Apart from realme's main line of TWS products, the market is already saturated with wireless earphones, and most of you are wondering where will realme positions this device. Most importantly, is the DIZO Buds Z worth-getting compared to other wireless audio devices in the market?

DIZO Buds Z Review

DIZO Buds Z Review


  • Profound Sound Stage
  • Good Design and colorway
  • Long battery life
  • Value for money

The DIZO Buds Z is considered a hero product in this wave of devices. On the get-go, it looks like something we've seen before - compelling specs, chic design, practical price standpoint, and more. Join us as we take a good look at this TWS earphones, and we'll answer the questions we've mentioned earlier.


The DIZO Buds Z is packaged in a small rectangular white box, which differentiates it from the usual yellow-toned ones that we've been accustomed to. To be honest, I like this clean implementation of white packaging; there are also yellow accents for the realme TechLife branding.

DIZO Buds Z Unboxing

Opening the box, you'll find the Buds Z Charging case with the pair of earphones inside it. Each earphone is already mounted with a medium-sized ear tip. Under the compartment cradle for the unit are the usual items like the Type-C charging cable, user guide and warranty card, and 2 pairs of extra ear tips (small and large).

DIZO Buds Z Review

What's in the box?

  • Budz Z Charging case
  • 1 pair of earphones (L & R)
  • Ear Tips x 6: 1 pair Small, Medium (mounted), Large
  • Type-C charging cable
  • User guide, warranty card


The DIZO Budz Z's charging case comes in a back color, and has a cobble-like design with matte-finish. On the face of the case is the DIZO branding with the LED indicator just above it. Meanwhile, you'll find the Type-C charging port in its usual location, situated at the bottom of the case. 

DIZO Buds Z Review

DIZO Buds Z Review

The charging case has a dimension of only 64.6 x 51.6 x 26 mm. It is very handy and it sits well on my palm. The fact that it comes in a very light and compact design, I find it very comfortable to carry around. Moreover, the case gives a subtle friction when you hold it, which basically adds to the grip. I can also just slip it inside my pocket and sometimes I don't really notice it's in there due to its slim form factor. 

DIZO Buds Z Review

The earbuds are quite interesting, especially the Onyx color variant. The outer stem of the earphones dazzles in a dark indigo tone; while the rest of the body is black. I rarely see this colorway in an earbuds design. 

As mentioned earlier, the earbuds sports an eartip-design which secures a passive noise cancellation capability. Tips are easy on the ears, even in longer hours of workout.

DIZO Buds Z Review

The earbuds are very light, roughly 3.7 grams each; the body is made of plastic and features the same slippery-plastic finish. In turn, the earbuds could attract fingerprints but it's not that obvious. There are also provisioned slits for the microphones, and metal contacts at the bottom of the stem for charging. 

DIZO Buds Z Review

The DIZO Buds Z also supports touch controls. It comes with an IPX4 rating; this means that it can resist water splashes and spills. Of course, it is sweatproof.

DIZO Buds Z Review

Touch Controls

Like any other earphones in its segment, it comes with intelligent touch control. The default controls are as follows:

  • Touch 2x: Play or pause music, Answer or hang up a call
  • Touch 3x: Play next song;
  • Press and hold for 2s: Reject incoming call
  • Press and hold both L & R earbuds for 2s: Enter or exit Game Mode
  • Press and hold both earbuds for 10s: Factory reset

You can customize most of these controls via the realme Link app. Likewise, you can also invoke the voice assistant on your phone if you have configured it in the app.

Quick Setup, App Support

Before you can start using the Buds Z, first you need to pair it with your phone via the realme Link app. Although the realme Link app is available for both Android and iOS, the latter's version does not support the DIZO Buds Z, as of this writing. 

Once you have downloaded the app, follow these simple setup steps:

  1. In the realme Link app's homescreen, click the "+" icon (add device button) located at the top right side;
  2. Choose audio in the side menu, then click DIZO Buds Z;
  3. Open the case for the earbuds to enter pairing mode;
  4. Go to your phone's Bluetooth device list and tap DIZO Buds Z to complete pairing;
  5. Once connected, your new device will appear on the app's homescreen.

DIZO Buds Z Review: realme Link App

To update certain settings like sound effects (Bass Boost+, Balanced, Bright, Volume Enhancer), button settings, mode (game, non-game), etc. just click on the DIZO Buds Z image on the homescreen. You can also view here the battery status for both L & R earbuds. 

Managing the DIZO Buds Z in the realme Link app is very straightforward. Once linked, the experience is quite seamless.

DIZO Buds Z Review: realme Link App

Performance, Sound Quality

The DIZO Buds Z's 10-millimeter dynamic boost driver together with realme Link's exceptional software support give the earbuds a profound sound stage. The TWS uses Bluetooth v5.0 to instantaneously connect to your smartphones, tablets or PCs.

DIZO Buds Z Review

For its price, the DIZO Buds Z has a superior sound quality. Highs and mids register well. However, the lows may need a little definition. The bass is superb. In fact, you can use the Bass Boost+ feature in the realme Link app.

Vocals are also clear. On top of that, the Buds Z is also a good companion in online meetings or conference calls. It also supports Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) which minimizes noise in your surroundings so that your voice will be clearer on the other end of the line. The same audio quality for voice is noticed when taking cellular calls.

DIZO Buds Z Review

The TWS does not support active noise cancellation (ANC) feature, but because I enjoy doing outdoor exercises, almost always I prefer hearing ambient noise so I can be aware of my surroundings. But if you're looking for the said feature, you may look somewhere else, or try the DIZO GoPods Neo.

The DIZO Buds Z is a great device for fitness enthusiasts, and you can match it with the DIZO Watch 2 for tracking your activities while listening to your favorite workout playlist. You can also check out our DIZO Watch 2 review.


The DIZO Buds Z is also a winner when it comes to battery life. For a combined case and earbuds battery life, you can squeeze up to 16 hours of juice. Each earbud can fire audio up to 4.5 hours with their respective 43 mAh battery. The case packs a 380-mAh battery capacity.

It also does not take a long time to charge the earbuds. For about two hours, you'll get 100% battery life for both the case and earbuds. 

DIZO Buds Z Review

Verdict: Should You Buy The DIZO Buds Z Earbuds?

The DIZO Buds Z is a steal buy for Php 1,999. It clouds the competition with features you normally see on a more expensive TWS earphones - solid sound stage, chic and trendy design, long battery life, and more. DIZO is definitely making a statement in the TWS space with the Buds Z.

It's quite obvious that realme is putting DIZO to the mix for a more diverse portfolio of its TechLife AiOT line. DIZO products cater mostly to the entry-level segment, and I think it will capture a huge chunk of it.


  • Product model: DA2117
  • Driver: 10mm Dynamic Bass Boost Driver
  • Connectivity and Ports: Bluetooth v5.0, USB Type-C
  • Wireless Range: Up to 10m
  • Working Frequency: 2402-2480MHz
  • Max Power rate: <10dBm
  • Features: 88ms Super Low Latency, Environmental Noise Cancellation for Calls, Intelligent Touch Control, in-ear detection, realme Link app
  • Protection: IPX4 Water Resistance
  • Weight: 3.7 grams (each bud)
  • Dimensions: 64.6 x 51.6 x 26mm (case), 29.2 x 20.4 x 24.6mm (buds)
  • Battery Runtime: 16 hrs. music playback, 4.5 hrs. playback (each bud), 1.5 hrs. playback in 10 min charging
  • Battery Charging: 1 hr. charging time (earbuds), 2 hrs. (with case)
  • Colors: Leaf, Onyx, Pearl 
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