Grab Philippines reaffirms its commitment to supporting Filipinos amidst tighter lockdowns

Following the government’s implementation of the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) in the National Capital Region from August 6-20, 2021, Grab Philippines is reaffirming its commitment to supporting Filipinos on three (3) key areas: 1) Ensuring that its suite of everyday services ranging from mobility, deliveries, and cashless payment solutions continue to operate smoothly and reliably to support the needs of consumers, 2) Platform safety and hygiene, and 3) Helping local businesses and partners grow amidst the lockdown.

Grab Philippines reaffirms its commitment to supporting Filipinos amidst tighter lockdowns

Ensuring that its suite of everyday services ranging from mobility, deliveries, and cashless payment solutions continue to operate smoothly and reliably to support the needs of consumers 

  • Mobility: GrabCar services will continue to provide safe and convenient transport solutions 24/7 to support those who need to commute and perform essential activities. To highlight its commitment to safety, GrabCar Bayanihan - a dedicated fleet composed of vaccinated driver-partners and priced 15% lower than regular GrabCar rides, will continue to provide mobility solutions going to and from vaccination sites to support the ongoing vaccination efforts against COVID-19.

  • Deliveries: With dine-in options suspended across restaurants and food establishments in Metro Manila, GrabFood, GrabMart, and GrabExpress will continue to operate throughout the ECQ, and support consumers with access to their everyday essentials such as food, groceries, and medicine, while creating livelihood opportunities for local businesses and delivery-partners.

  • Cashless Payments: To help minimize the risk of transmitting the virus through physical cash exchanges, GrabPay has made significant strides in helping Filipinos better adapt to cashless payments, while helping them make the most out of their money. Apart from using GrabPay to pay for Grab services, consumers can also now use GrabPay as a payment method for various online and offline merchants. In addition, consumers also earn GrabRewards Points whenever they use GrabPay. They can then use these GrabRewards Points to also pay for their purchases or redeem perks offered in the GrabRewards catalogue. 

Reinforcing the Grab Philippines' commitment to platform safety and hygiene

  • GrabProtect: With many Filipinos wary of the COVID-19 Delta variant, Grab Philippines continues to implement GrabProtect - a robust suite of tools, policies, and procedures aimed to ensure utmost safety and hygiene standards across the Grab platform - helping minimize the risk of contracting the Delta variant on Grab’s mobility and delivery services. As part of GrabProtect, contactless deliveries will continue to be implemented across GrabFood, GrabMart, and GrabExpress.

  • Vaccination: Through Grab's Vacc to Normal Campaign, the company is continuously encouraging its driver- and delivery-partnerss to get inoculated at the soonest possible time so that they can confidently go out to earn a living and continuously provide for their families. 

  • Zero-tolerance on Fraud: Grab Philippines encourages Filipinos to use Grab responsibly to ensure the safety and security of the platform and stakeholders who rely on it for essential services and economic empowerment. 

Addressing Consumer No-Show (Hoax orders)

Grab Philippines immediately conducts an investigation for reported incidents, and will block the mobile phone IMEI of the fraudulent account to avoid similar incidents from happening in the future. Grab Philippines continues to implement its reimbursement policy on consumer no-shows, whereby delivery-partners who have fallen prey to any fraudulent activities on the platform are reimbursed within 24-hours upon receipt of claims.

Safeguarding from Phishing Attacks

As fraudsters are known to constantly evolve and find new ways to target users, Grab Philippines urges everyone to remain vigilant and to never disclose their personal information, login details, bank details, and SMS OTP with anyone else. Should anyone receive any suspected phishing email or messages, do not click on any links in the email or message, download or open any of its attachments, or reply to the email or message. Instead, download the email or screenshot the message, and email it to [email protected] for investigation.

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Leveraging its superapp strategy and platform to help local businesses and partners grow amidst the lockdowns: 

  • Social Sellers: Grab Philippines, through its Madiskarteng Boss Club program, will continue to support social sellers on the platform by providing them much-needed visibility through its first-ever #AngatSaMBC Live Selling Event on the Grab Philippines Facebook Page on August 8, 2021. The live selling event featured four (4) social sellers and their essential goods. Grab Philippines will also feature these sellers and their products in the MBC Essentials catalogue located in the Grab app. 

  • Merchant Partners: Grab Philippines will also offer 15% off on GrabCar 2-Seater rides to Merchant-Partners in Metro Manila from August 6-20, 2021. This mobility initiative aims to support the staff of its merchant-partners and help them safely go to and from their workplaces and perform essential economic activities, and cushion the adverse effects of the lockdown in their respective businesses.

  • Drivers and Delivery Partners: Grab Philippines will continue to support its driver- and delivery-partners throughout and even beyond the ECQ. Grab driver- and delivery-partners will also be able to take advantage of the range of initiatives and programs from Grab Philippines to help address their everyday needs and support their long-term growth despite the ECQ.

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