Tranya M10 Review: Good sounding TWS Earbuds below PHP 4K

Digital Walker brings the popular Tranya M10 TWS earbuds in the country. The brand is well-known for its good-sounding wireless earbuds with low latency connectivity. The Tranya M10 is quite an interesting offering in the sea of TWS earbuds. Let's find out in this Tranya M10 review if this device is easy to recommend; and with its sub PHP 4K price, will it stick out from the pack?

Tranya M10 Review: Good sounding TWS Earbuds below PHP 4K

Tranya M10 Review


The Tranya M10 is a bit on the bigger side when it comes to TWS earphones. For one, its case is big enough to make you think it’s a small bar of soap. But I have no gripe about its big case only for the fact that it has a wireless charging capability. 

Tranya M10 Design Review

The same story also goes with the buds. It has a bigger profile than most of its peers as it houses 14.2mm Big-bore graphene drivers. If you have smaller ears, you can also opt to use the smaller Eartips that come out-of-the-box. But still, you'll get a very solid build in both the case and the earbuds. 

Tranya M10 Review: Design

Speaking of the buds, they are very imposing in oblong design construction. There's a physical button on the edge of the buds as well as LED indicators on the upper section.

Tranya M10 Review: Design

It's also a great deal that the case has wireless charging capability. You can rarely find this feature under PHP 4K. On top of that, the Tranya M10 is rated with IPX5 which makes it a great companion in working out or splashes.

Fit and Functions

Opening the case would automatically make the Tranya M10 discoverable. You can pair it by selecting Tranya M10 on the Bluetooth section of your phone. You can also control calls or media using the control buttons. Pressing once will invoke Play/Pause functions or answers a call. Its intended functions can not be customized since the M10 does not support a companion app.

Skipping to previous and next tracks can be done by press and hold gesture for 2 seconds. Pressing twice in either left or right earbuds will crank the volume up or down. To reject calls, you can press and hold for one second.

Tranya M10 Review: Fit and Functions

The Tranya M10 defaults in Bass Boost mode. If you want to activate the Normal Mode, you need to press and hold the function button for 5 seconds. All these functions are easy to do with the clickable function buttons. I am quite surprised that the overall ergonomics of the Tranya M10 is actually good.

Despite the size, the earbuds are comfortable on the ears even with prolonged usage. The LED notification is also very helpful in monitoring the earbuds' battery life.

Performance, Battery Life

When it comes to audio quality, the Tranya M10 is also a winner. Its Qualcomm chipset supports aptX which gives high fidelity wireless audio. I love the overall sound stage of Tranya M10, I am impressed on how good it is. The default Boost Mode gives warm and bass-heavy stage. 

The Normal Mode captures brighter Mids and Highs. Overall sound quality is balanced. I am quite surprised by the quality, knowing that it is only priced at PHP 3,490.

Tranya M10 Review: Battery Life

Using the earbuds in taking calls is also a worthwhile experience. Tranya M10 is capable of blocking background noise. This is very ideal if you're working from home with noisy environment. Speaking voice in audiobooks is clear and crisp.

One of the advantages of bigger-sized earbuds and case is the long battery life. In a single charge, you can squeeze up to 10 hours of non-stop use with the earbuds. With the charging case, you can get up to 80 hours of battery life. 

The Tranya M10 supports both wired and wireless charging. How cool is that?

The Wrap

For those who want hard-hitting bass and longer hours of usage, the Tranya M10 proves to be one of the better options around. Its PHP 3,490 price is way to good for its dynamic sound stage. 

A companion app may be a good starting point for users to customize the TWS, but the ergonomic placement of buttons in the earbuds allows easy access to controls and overall device management. The Tranya M10 ticks most of the things we need for a TWS earbuds.

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