LG unveils OLED GX TV, NanoCell 8K TV, Monitors, Speakers in new Entertainment System portfolio

LG Home Entertainment Ambassadors

LG Philippines intros its latest home entertainment system portfolio in a virtual event. The new lineup includes the new LG UltraGear gaming monitors, LG UltraWide monitors, LG OLED TV, LG Real 8K Nanocell TV, LG OLED GX TV and LG XBoom Go speakers. The company collaborated with influencers from different fields to give testimonials about the latest LG offerings in the market.

LG UltraGear Monitor
LG UltraGear monitors are the perfect way to get started with esports and gaming

LG UltraWide Monitor
LG UltraWide monitors are the perfect working-from-home companion.
Actor Mikael Daez tried the LG UltraGear gaming monitors that leveled up his gameplay, and the UltraWide monitor that helped boost the productivity of his working-from-home activities. Acclaimed director Mikhail Red gushed about the unrivaled cinematic experience offered by LG OLED TV. PBA all-star LA Tenorio shared his observations on how self-lit pixels excel in sports, and beauty queen Megan Young admired the fast response time the OLED TV offers. 

LG OLED GX screen technology uses self-lit pixels.
Tatler Homes Editor, Stephanie Zubiri discussed how LG OLED fits perfectly inside a smart home thanks to its AI technology, while long-time LG brand ambassador James Deakin went into details about the pure colors of LG Real 8K NanoCell TVs.

LG's home entertainment event gave spotlight to the LG OLED GX TV which uses self-lit pixels. This means that pixels work independently to emit their own light. This allows for perfect black levels, outstanding colors, infinite contrast, and the sharpest details which ultimately uncovers all the details in darker scenes. LG’s OLED technology is a perfect fit for any lifestyle and any interest. Whether your TV use caters more to Cinematic, Sports, Gaming, or Lifestyle, LG OLED TV provides the best experience possible. 

LG Nanocell Real 8K TV
LG NanoCell Real 8K TV offers accurate, lifelike color, one is able to experience unparalleled realism at home.

Meanwhile, another sought-after model in LG's lineup is the LG NanoCell 8K TV. This TV offers accurate lifelike color that takes advantage of LG NanoCell technology. This technology applies about 1nm-sized nanoparticles to filter out dull color and enhance color purity, giving you vivid and accurate hues. 

LG XBoom PL5 and PL7
LG XBoom Go PL5 and PL7 are portable Bluetooth with immersive surround sound experience.
Perfectly complementing the LG OLED and LG NanoCell 8K are two new speakers – the XBoom Go PL5 and PL7. These are portable Bluetooth speakers that give any room, big or small, an immersive surround sound experience. To bring their XBOOM speakers to the next level, LG has collaborated with Meridian, the British pioneers and one of the pillars of High-Resolution audio. 

For gamers and would-be streamers, LG showcased two of its newest monitors. LG UltraGear monitors are the perfect way to get started with esports and gaming, owing to their versatility in performing other tasks without losing a step. Plug it in, play a game, and immerse yourself. LG UltraWide monitors are the perfect working-from-home companion, giving you a wide screen area to multi-task and boost your productivity. A whole new world awaits. 

LG Managing Director Inkwun Heo spoke about the role that home entertainment plays in the new normal. “With the extended amount of time we’re now spending at home and in the foreseeable future, we really get to see Life in Details. We learn to appreciate how technology makes our life better. As staying at home becomes the ‘new normal’, I assure you, with our new Home Entertainment System, you would want to stay at home.”

LG products are available in Lazmall and other authorized online sellers and dealers nationwide.

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