Huawei gears up for the refreshed Nova Smartphone Series

A brand new Nova series looms on the horizon for the Philippine market as Huawei readies a refined smartphone line which will capture the young audiences.  The smartphone series redefined its position in a highly competitive market as, essentially, the most accessible flagship-class smartphones available.

Huawei Nova Series 2019

Remember the Nova 2i and Nova 3 series? The phones were equipped with powerful hardware and premium designs while maintaining a budget-friendly price point. Such a formula proved to be a hit among Filipino consumers, highlighted by the Nova 3i dominating search trends on Google preceding its release in 2018. In fact, it set a record 20,000 units sold on the opening day.

This year, Huawei is gearing up to re-invigorate the Nova brand with a new look and feel - yet retaining the energy it brought to consumers since it first burst onto the scene.

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A flagship device for the younger generation - that’s how the Nova series defines itself and the philosophy Huawei embeds into its design and development process. Through the use of stylish gradients, premium materials such as glass and metal, and ergonomic construction, every Nova phone exudes a trendy aesthetic bursting with color and personality.

On top of the classy and stylish appeal, the Nova series will be powered by Kirin processors with blazing fast performance. Innovative multi-lens camera tech comes standard, emphasizing self-expression through an incredible suite of features rather than raw technical capability. It’s certainly cutting-edge tech in a youthful sheen.

InNOVAting with the Z Generation

The digital age has given the youth a virtually unlimited palette of self-expression, choosing their style not through blind admiration but with careful curation of the elements that best reflect their personality, beliefs, and aspirations. It’s a generation of equal parts style and substance, a new breed of inventive tastemakers, a species of brand-conscious and socially-conscious youngsters: Generation Z. It is that very ethos that enables the Nova DNA’s evolution: a continuous re-invention in pursuit of a bold lifestyle, identifiable but not stereotyped, innovative yet familiar.

Through the Nova banner, Huawei aims to empower Generation Z in their trendsetting ways, create new avenues for artistic exploration and drive their creativity through innovative technology. What better way than through a piece of tech that reflects who they choose to be?

Huawei is set to unveil the new Nova line in coming days. Stay Tuned.

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