How to Activate Dark Mode in Viber Messaging App in Android

Viber, an instant messaging application, is also highly popular in the Philippines. And in the light of Facebook messenger updating its app with Dark Mode theme, Viber also rolled out a similar theme inside its app. Here's how to enable it in your phones!

How to Activate Viber Dark Mode Steps

Of course, first thing's first. You need to have the app installed in your phone.

Step 1: Pull up or open the App

Step 2: Go to More on the lower right tab

Step 3: Go to Settings > Appearance

Step 4: Tick the Dark Mode box

Congrats! You'll instantly be in the Dark Mode theme while you're using the app. What I love about Viber's dark theme is that it doesn't alter emojis in chat rooms. It only draw them with a white boarder to preserve their black outline.

Viber's dark mode will allow you to save a significant amount of battery and protect your eyes at the same time. It is also worth-noting that the theme is not as dark as Facebook's dark more. The hue is more on the gray-ish side. As of this writing, the Dark Mode theme is only available in Android.

How about you? What do you think of Viber's dark mode?

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