GrabFood gives you 4-piece Chicken McNuggets for every purchase of McDonald's promo meal

Grab taps McDonald's Philippines for a free Chicken McNuggets promo this March. Food lovers who order exclusive McDonald's promo items using the GrabFood section of the Grab app will get a 4-piece Chicken McNuggets for free.

GrabFood McDonald's Chicken McNuggets Promo

GrabFood Mcdonalds

GrabFood exclusive promo meals for McDonald’s include two (2) Big Mac Medium Meals, two (2) Quarter Pounder with Cheese Medium Meal, two (2) two-piece Chicken McDo Medium Meals (Original or Spicy), one (1) McShare box for 6 A La Carte, and one (1) McShare box for 8 A La Carte.

Every purchase of a promo meal comes with a free 4-piece Chicken McNugget set. Thus, if you buy four promo meals, you'll get 4 sets of 4-piece Chicken McNuggets absolutely for free!

This promo is only valid from 11AM to 11PM in Metro Manila and Metro Cebu until March 31.
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