Best Smartphones For Content Streaming

We use our smartphones for many things, but streaming is one of the main priorities for a lot of smartphone users. While it's always been important for most of us to have sharp displays and decent video playback, it simply seems that there are more and more opportunities - and in some cases, almost necessities - to use our phones for streaming, both recorded and live content.

We tend to think first of the film and television front when we think of mobile streaming, which his only natural. Services like Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix have put an incredible amount of content right at our fingertips, and they're only getting bigger and better. Though it didn't end up winning, Netflix's Roma was discussed as a film that could change the Oscars with a win, in part by emphasizing the caliber of streaming production. Meanwhile, additional networks like HBO, Showtime, and FX have already been providing us with premium TV shows and movie selections that we can watch on our phones and tablets with a few taps of a screen.

Sports come into play as well. People are starting to use streaming services from leagues, cable providers, and third party companies in order to watch whatever contests at any time - sometimes on playback but mostly live. These activities are only expected to get more popular with the coming explosion in sports betting activity. There are currently sites devoted to following sports in this manner, but it’s expected that many of them will soon incorporate live wagering options that combine with streaming, such that people can on their mobile devices follow sports in real time and wager on events happening right before their eyes.

On top of all of these areas of entertainment, there's also the next iteration of media commentary to consider. Companies as big as ESPN are putting out short videos for people to consume on their phones where once they would have had to read blurbs or small articles. The Ringer just recently did a live, video podcast recording to recap the Oscars mere minutes after the show ended. Content like this also speaks to our ever-increasing need for advanced streaming capabilities.

Putting it simply, it is now of the utmost importance when seeking a new mobile phone to get one that is as capable in this specific regard as it can be. Fortunately, many modern smartphones will do. Five, however, stand out as the best of all.

Lenovo Moto Z

This is a fairly popular phone and one that's frequently mentioned as a go-to for streaming. Its Snapdragon 820 chip and impressive AMOLED display lead to clear, flawless picture. However, Moto also provides some external applications that are what set the Moto Z over the top. These include a projection mechanism (Projector Moto Mod), battery packs (it's not a phone known for its battery life), and enhanced speakers.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

This is a phone that almost seems as if it was made specifically to impress users with its streaming capability across the board. An AMOLED display comparable to that of the Lenovo Moto Z, coupled with the Exynos 8890 processor, make its picture and motion perfect. But it's the battery that counts for the most. This phone can play hours and hours of live or recorded video without even running low, which decimates most of the competition.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

This is a phone a lot of people in the western world may not even have heard of. However, it's high in worldwide popularity primarily because of ultra-impressive sales in China. It's an inferior product in terms of pure specs, with a Snapdragon 650 chip that can't quite match the previous two phones here. It's a very accessible, very affordable option though, and one with a battery life that puts even the Galaxy S7 Edge to shame.

Huawei Mate 8

There's really not a word for the Huawei Mate 8, from a streaming perspective, other than robust. Its big screen (six inches), ludicrous battery power (4,000mAh), and Kirin 950 processor make it big, long-lasting, and capable of capturing anything you might want to stream. The pure display quality isn't quite up to par on this list, but it's not so bad as to be a problem, and particularly if you use your phone regularly to watch things, it's an interesting option.

Apple iPhone X

Truthfully we could go back a few models in Apple's lineup and include those phones here as well. As it stands though, the iPhone X is the best of them all for streaming, and probably the most comprehensive total option on this list. Battery life isn't anything to get too excited about, but it's not awful, and nothing quite tops the beauty and pure streaming capability of the current flagship Apple device. It's nearly perfect, though you have to pay for that perfection.
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