Capdase UT33 Tempered Glass with ABL Tech: Protect Your Eyes from Blue Light

Capdase Tempered Glass products are now equipped with Anti-Blue Light technology that protects user’s eyes. This means that this new generation of tempered glass is hitting two birds in one stone – protect your eyes and your device’s screen at the same time. For those of you who didn’t know, exposure to blue light affects your brain and body.

Capdase UT33 with Anti Blue Light Tech

Capdase Tempered Glass with Anti Blue Light

Effects of Blue Light to the Body

For one, Blue Light emitted off your device’s screen could disrupt your sleep schedule that might cause memory impairment. Likewise, sleep deprivation affects user’s cognitive process making them hard to learn and comprehend things. Since Melatonin levels are down due to tampered body clock, people are prone to depression.


The blue light can also alter your hormones that control hunger. Thus, there is a risk of being obese. Aside from damaging users’ vision, there’s also a study that blue light could cause Cataracts. And in the long run, the risk of cancer is also a possibility.

Capdase UT33 with ABL

It’s always a welcome idea to look for a screen guard or tempered glass that comes with ABL technology. Capdase’s new offering preserves the best functions of a premium tempered glass on top of the new ABL tech. 

Capdase Tempered Glass with ABL

Capdase Tempered Glass Anti Blue Light

The popular UT33 with ABL for iPhones still comes with precise molding to fit the display, has anti-scratch technology for shatter-proof protections, and Oleophobic coating to prevent grease and fingerprint. The UT33/Anti-Blue Light tempered glass is tough with 9H hardness and retains the complete transparency of your smartphone’s display.

Capdase UT33 ABL

The UT33 Anti-Blue Light for iPhone 8/8 Plus starts at Php 880. There’s also a full 3D variant priced at Php 1280. You can also get a UT33 ABL for iPad with price starting at Php 1480, and UT33 ABL for Macbook Air with starting price of Php 1980. 


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