Cloudfone's 5 Tips for an Awesome Selfie

Cloudfone outs a list on how you can up the ante of your selfie game. Citing that the struggle is real in getting that awesome selfie. Whatever the reason, bad selfies are unacceptable and a no-no, #sorrynotsorry especially if you want your crush to like it! In order to save you from social depriving self-esteem, here’s the list of essential selfie tricks that you should know and practice so that you can be on your way to awesome selfies!

Cloudfone's Tips for an Awesome Selfie

1. Do a Background Check

When you take a selfie, people won’t just see your face but even your background so if you have a mountain of used clothes or unmade bed at your back, behold…judgmental comments are coming! Selfies during travels are a different story though because photobombers are inevitable but at least make sure they don’t cover the view or be an extrovert and just invite them for a groufie!

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2. Follow the Light

Take this advice literally. Swear. Literally. Find a light brighter than your best friend’s personality and let it highlight your pretty face! Go out, walk towards the window, or if you can’t follow the light, say “Let there be light” and just open the lampshade nearest you!

3. Work Your Angles

Be honest, we all know by now you have taken thousands of selfies and should have somehow identified which is your best angle. (Well just in case you haven’t, just check your profile and check which one had the most likes!) You may have the most perfect eyes, nose, cheekbones, lips, chin, and so on and so forth, but projection beats perfection any day. So snap, snap, snap, and work it, girl!

4. Take Shotsssss

Yes, that’s plural because we really mean A LOT. There’s nothing wrong with having options, right? Especially if you feel that 1 like from your crush = one percent higher at chance meter. So do it, create shots that vary in angle, lighting, or background (or even outfit!) In case you will have a difficult time choosing, what are best friends for?

5. Grab the Awesome Companion

After it has all been said and done, what is projection, perfection without an awesome companion? Let’s face reality, the clearer the selfies, the higher the likes. Right? Tips 1 to 4 can get 200 likes but with tip #5, expect double (as long as you also followed the first 4.) Ready to have awesome selfies that are more on fleek than your eyebrow? #nofilter and #uploadready? Meet your awesome selfie companion…Cloudfone Excite Prime 2 PRO, a selfie-centric 20-Megapixel Front Camera that with Sony IMX376 Sensor that was co-engineered with Sony and comes with Portrait Mode (Bokeh Effect) (#BackgroundCheck), Rear and Front Light (#FollowtheLight), Face Beauty (#WorkYourAngle), Superpixel, 13MP + 8MP Dual Rear Camera with Optical Zoom. 
All these awesome camera specs in awesome phone aesthetics. Now say goodbye to the struggle and face the day with confidence as you become selfie ready!
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