Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update to roll out on April 11

Microsoft announced the Windows Creator Update on April 11th. The update will be seeded to all Windows 10 devices for free. It comes with a plethora of features which include the Game Mode which will give a buttery gaming experience even to those users who have less powerful devices.

Windows 10 Creators Update Philippines

Aside from the Game Mode, the update will also give way to a new Paint software called the Paint 3D. From the name itself, it could give users the ability to create 3D drawings within the well-loved app. This means that Microsoft is really banking on the impending release of its own take on AR headsets. 

Likewise, the Edge browser is also beefed-up with new features like 4K playback. Other features include mini-view, improved parental management and additional security features, to name a few.

Windows 10 users now have a date to look forward to. But to those who can't wait any longer, you could get the ISO somewhere for you to force install the update on PC.
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