Capdase Armor Suit Combo for iPhone 7 Review: Rider Jacket + Newton Anti-Gravity cover

The Capdase Armor Suit Combo is the company’s hero smartphone case for iPhone 7. It’s basically a combination of the Rider Jacket and Newton Cover. This rugged case has been featured by a viral video of a lady rider who accidentally dropped her phone while running in a speedy motorcycle. But of course, no harm was done to her iPhone 7 due to the fact that she’s using an Armor Suit Combo. Today, it’s our time to unbox and do a quick review on the popular smartphone case, so join us and read along.

Capdase Armor Suit Combo for iPhone 7 Review

Capdase Armor Suit Combo for iPhone 7 Review
Rider Jacket & Blue Cover

Capdase Armor Suit Combo with Anti-Gravity Feature
Anti-Gravity Feature: Rider Jacket + Newton Cover

Design and Construction: Rider Cover + Newton Cover

The packaging of the new Armor Suit Combo is a bit different from what we have been accustomed to in the previous Capdase cases. The box is very neat. Upfront, it shows a see-through plastic while the back features a cool triangular pattern which houses the Capdase branding on its center. You have to slide the cradle to open the box and give access to the Rider Jacket and Newton Cover.

Capdase Armor Suit Combo for iPhone 7 Review: Rider Jacket + Newton Anti-Gravity cover

The meat of this product is the Rider Jacket. It is designed to be a shock-proof case. It’s considerably thinner and I love the way it is moulded accurately to achieve its protective purpose. The jacket does not sacrifice its svelte form factor in achieving the said functionality.

The Rider Jacket is made up of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) which, according to Capdase, achieves military grade protection standard of shock absorbance. It also comes with a wrapped-exterior polycarbonate cover. It's detachable, so you can easily swap different cover colors and provide stylish accents to the Rider Jacket.

Capdase Armor Suit Combo for iPhone 7 Review: Rider Jacket + Newton Anti-Gravity cover

On the other hand, the Newton Cover is molded to have the dimensions of a wrapped exterior cover so that it can easily be installed on the Rider Jacket. The Newton Cover gives the Armor Suit Combo its anti-gravity feature with its tiny suction material on its surface.

Capdase Armor Suit Combo Review

Performance and Compatibility

Once installed on your phones, the first thing you’ll notice on the Armor Suit Combo are the surrounding skid-padded corners. These enhance internal shock dispersion to reduce impact on the protected device. The Rider Jacket’s cover also add rigidity to the whole protective module and can easily be installed in seconds.

Capdase Armor Suit Combo for iPhone 7 Review: Rider Jacket + Newton Anti-Gravity cover

Since, I have a tempered glass installed in my phone, it’s also a welcome thought to know that the Armor Suit Combo precisely fits each border of the full 3D-covered tempered glass. Technically, I used an iPhone 6 in this review for visual purposes. With the Suit Armor Combo installed, my handset is protected against drops, spills, falls, bumps, scratches and fumbles. I’m not really a fan of the skids in the four corners of the case but I think they're necessary due to the fact that they provide the handset the all-round protection that it needs.

When it comes to compatibility, the Armor Suit offers easy access to buttons and ports. Its interchangeable assembling system gives a whole new life for graphic skins and customization.

Capdase Armor Suit Combo for iPhone 7 Review

On top of that, I also love how Capdase incorporates the Newton cover which offers Anti-Gravity Surface.


I think the Armor Suit Combo will be an appealing premium accessory to those who have active lifestyles. Riders and mountain climbers could really take advantage of the durability which the Rider Jacket offers. Not only that, it is also complemented by the Anti-Gravity feature of the Newton Cover. But of course, any of us who wanted to give the optimum protection to our precious iPhones are welcome to have this case in our pockets.

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