Capdase Verge Soft Jacket Case for iPhone SE (iPhone 5, 5s), iPhone 7 Review

Your smartphone is an extension of your body. It's definitely one of the reasons why we pamper our phones with premium cases. Smartphone cases just doesn't give protection to our handsets, it also adds value to our well-loved gadgets. As the market leader in phone accessories, Capdase introduces its Verge soft jacket case series which offers a wide range of craftmanship for different devices.

Capdase Verge Soft Jacket Case for iPhone SE, 7/7 Plus

I am using the Capdase Verge Soft Jacket case for iPhone SE since the holiday season. I snugged an iPhone 5s in it which basically has the same dimensions as the iPhone SE. Since I love to go outdoors with my gadgets, the idea of having a softcase for my phone is very welcoming.


The Capdase Verge Softcase is very chic. All variants comes in a Samsung Galaxy S7-ish metallic design. That glossy finish is very pleasing in the eyes. I picked the Rose Gold color to hide the golden hue of my iPhone. It's also available in several colors like Gold and Silver.

In terms of design, the case is a fusion of plastic and rubber with a stunning metallic feel. Once you installed the Verge case, it feels like it's one with handset - it doesn't feel modular unlike any other cases. This means that it preserves the "premiumness" of the phone without overshadowing the original design.

Capdase has the reputation of having a tougher anti-scratch element. And the technology is also present with the Verge case. I love how the Capdase Verge Soft Jacket fits perfectly to my handset.

Port and Buttons

Of course, we all need a case that gives us easy access to our device's buttons and ports. The Verge Soft Jacket offers complete access to all buttons - sleep/wake, volume rocker, iSight camera and power button. There's also perfectly punched slot for the Lightning port, 3.5-millimeter audio jack and speaker grills.

The Wrap

The Capdase Verge Soft Jacket case does a very good job in protecting my handset from unnecessary drops and bumps. It is also tough on dirts and scratches. 

In fact, I used with my phone in several outdoor activities like kayaking, trekking and island hopping. The fact that my handset preserves its great condition seals the quality and craftmanship of the Capdase Verge Soft Jacket case. At Php 680 (Php 880 for iPhone 7/7 Plus), it comes with a free gripper which could also help you in properly handling of your handset.

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