How to update Flash Plus 2 to the latest software build?

Flash announces the first ever system update for the popular handset Flash Plus 2. This article shows you how to check the update and install it in your Flash Plus 2 smartphones.

How to update Flash Plus 2

Just like in any update, you probably know the drill. But just in case you don't, you need to back up all your files and ensure your handset has ample amount of battery - at least 50 percent. You can also charge your smartphone while installing. So here we go: 

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Step 1: Tap the Settings App

Step 2:
Go to About Phone section

Step 3:
Tap System updates

Wait until you'll be prompted with the latest build - 01003. 

What will you get with the update?
After the update, your handset should be equipped with Integrated Google R6 CTS and the latest Google Security Patch. Likewise, it brings improvement in front camera low-light functions, color cast, rear LED flash brightness and PDAF performance. It also offers fixes to rear camera parameter, headset and incoming calls issues.
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