PLDT, SMART announce new logos: How these impact the company and its subscribers

PLDT and its wireless arm, Smart, unveils new logos celebrating #ANewDay in the company’s rich history. This shifting-of-gears is in line with the recent acquisition of the 700MHz frequency band that will drastically boost the company’s connectivity speed. PLDT and Smart also stress that the new branding will empower their customers whom, at this point, are trying to take advantage of the digital innovation.

PLDT, SMART announce new logos: How these impact the company and its subscribers

About the Logo

PLDT and Smart now share a similar emblem which looks like the Greek’s fourth Alphabet, the Delta symbol, which means “change”, just like the PLDT Inc’s thrust en route to data-driven services. The Delta is a reminiscent of a Triangle which the company deems to represent the three pillars of its business - exceptional people, meaningful innovations, and their valuable customers.

This also signifies the convergence of PLDT and Smart in utilizing both fixed and wireless lines for better services to its customers. PLDT’s logo comes with Red and Gray hues; while smart adopts the Green and Blue tones.

PLDT-SMART A New Day Event

“Taken together, these three pillars create tremendous energy that will enable our customers to achieve their limitless potential. The Triangle’s three sides support each other. Thus, an inherent strength flows harmoniously among the sides to sustain the structure,” PLDT CEO Manny V. Pangilinan explains the meaning of the newly design logo.

In its 88th year in business, PLDT has made several milestones in terms of network innovations: 

  • The First to allow data-sharing of at most 6GB from its PLDT Home DSL broadband service to a Smart mobile subscription.
  • It is also the first and the leading purveyor of “Internet-of-Things” in the country offering several digital web-connected devices like Telpad, TVolution Stick, FamCam, etc.
  • PLDT-Smart also spearheads the deployment of LTE-Advanced (LTE-A). This is a 4.5G generation of mobile telecommunications that offers up to 250 Mbps.

The Wrap

The new logo is fresh and it's absolutely an overdued facelift from PLDT’s 33-year old emblem. And with the latter adopting the same design as its parent company, we could expect greater optimizations from both wireless and wired services allowing customers to have a wide range of services to choose from.
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