DigitalPro Bootcamp to kickoff on February 5: Intensive Professional Blogging-Workshop Exclusively for CBC bloggers

DigitalPro Bootcamp is set to kickoff on February 5 Global Hub Serviced Offices, Cebu City. This 10-hour intensive blogging session workshop is exclusive for Cebu Blogging Community members. The main goal is to pitch CBC members in becoming Professional Bloggers with online branding and advocacy. PinoyMetroGeek.Com is privileged to be one of the 20 participants.

The bootcamp is made possible by eSTRATmedia in partnership with Globe Prepaid as the official digital network provider and Cebu Blogging Community.

Moreover, the DigitalPro Bootcamp envisions that Cebu Blogging Community will become a community of brands rather than just an organization of bloggers. Bloggers will also get a good grip on how to make money from their blogs to sustain their blogging lifestyle.

Each blogger will be provided with their own bootcamp kit that includes a Globe Tattoo Dongle, Php 1000-worth of Globe Internet Surfing load, Php 500-worth of Globe Prepaid load to carry out the tasks given in the bootcamp.

The team is expecting intensive topics in video blogging. One of the major goals of the team this year is to put up a YouTube channel dedicated for new gadget reviews, features and unboxing.
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