SM Supermalls App Review: An Obligatory Shopping Companion

Leading Philippine retail giant, SM, has rolled out its app positioned to be an all-in-one guide in optimizing mall experience. For what it’s worth, it shapes up to be an essential tool for mall rats and shopping gurus. The app is now available in both Android and iOS platforms which complements the upcoming shopping season. So, should you need this app on your smartphone's homescreen? Stay with us as we take a good look at this new lifestyle tool.

SM Supermalls App Review

What’s with the SM Supermalls App?

On paper, there are lots of things that you can do with the SM Supermalls App. For one, SM promises to give you exclusive access to promos, deals, coupons and updates once you sign-up in the app. It also offers indoor navigation wherein users can easily find restaurants, view stores and even find parking spot. The app also allows users to reserve seats and buy tickets for SM Cinemas.

SM Supermalls App Review: An Obligatory Shopping Companion

User Interface

The SM Supermalls app is very intuitive. Pulling it up brings you to a welcome page wherein you will be prompted to sign-in or continue as guest. Of course, you need to sign-up to enjoy full access of the app. After doing so, the app allows you to choose your desired SM Mall. Alternately, you can also locate the nearest mall in your vicinity.

SM Supermalls App Review: An Obligatory Shopping Companion

The app is fast. I love how simple it registers to a first time user. The Facebook-like blue and white theme compliments the minimalist tabs. The first tab bombards you with all the updates which range from new pictures in SM Cinema to newly opened restaurants in the selected mall. This tab also allows you to find deals and promos of specified vendors.

The second tab is a fusion of location-finding tools and catalog services. Finding the exact location of an SM Store is now a walk in the park. What’s even more useful is the fact that you can locate a specific store using an indoor mapping system; or you can just simply hit the search field to instantly spot your favorite store. Stores are classified into four categories – dining, entertainment, services and shopping.

SM Supermalls App Review: An Obligatory Shopping Companion

Social Media in the App

Basically you can make you own profile page with your user name and profile picture. The fact that the app feels like a social media tool makes it more engaging to use. Your liked items will definitely be tallied in your profile. Likewise, there’s also a specified tabs for coupons and wishlist under your profile. Of course, you can also share these deals with your friends in Facebook and followers in Twitter which makes it even more fun. Plus, you can save your parking spot detailing the exact floor or wing you’ve parked your car.


For an avid shopper and mall enthusiast, the SM Supermalls app is a welcome necessity. It covers a lot of basic stuff a usual shopper needs. The indoor navigation is one of its selling points; this means that finding a store or shop inside the mall would be on-point. Of course, the deals, coupons and savings will be beneficial to consumers especially in this shopping season. But to sum it all, the app is a good way for brands to connect with customers; likewise, it’s also the best way for customers to find better deals and generate savings.

Download the SM Supermalls App on Google Play and App Store

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