Capdase Maxx Powerbank Giveaway Part 2

We have been overwhelmed by the response you have given us in our Capdase Maxx Powerbank Giveaway Part 1. Now we are rolling it again! This giveaway period will run from October 14 to October 31!

Capdase Maxx Powerbank Giveaway

Here's the mechanics for the Capdase Maxx Powerbank Giveaway Part 2:

1. Share this article on Facebook.

2. Tell us why you need a Capdase Maxx Powerbank, make your post PUBLIC.

3. Tag 4 of your friends to whom you wanted to share your Maxx Powerbank's 
long-lasting battery power.

4. Use #CapdasePowerbankPart2 and #CapdasePhilippines hashtags.

5. Tag either Capdase Philippines or Pinoy Metro Geek in your entries.

Of course, you also need to LIKE Capdase Philippines (@CapdaseOfficial) and Pinoy Metro Geek on Facebook.

Here's a sample entry:

There's no other slim powerbank that catches my taste. #CapdasePowerbankPart2 #CapdasePhilippines Capdase Philippines Pinoy Metro Geek Kirk Vincent Montinola​ Jeffrey Labergas​ Jemma Ponti​ Bamba Muñoz​

We will be giving out one winner of the super slim Capdase Maxx 50 Powerbank for the major prize and Samsung TecTile NFC Tags for the minor prizes.
Winners will be announced in October 31!

Check out our Capdase Maxx Powerbank review here!
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