Capdase Mystery and Chic Karapace Case for iPhone 6 Review

Capdase offers a lot of svelte cases for iPhone 6 that definitely brings out the value of your priced smartphone. We have featured several premium cases before but now we are giving the spotlight to the iPhone 6 cases which are specially designed for the taste of women. I am talking about two elegant series, the Capdase Mystery and Chic Karapace Jacket for iPhone 6. Join us right after the fold as we take a good look at these pieces of art.

Capdase Mystery and Chic Karapace Case for iPhone 6 Review

Capdase Mystery Karapace Jacket Case for iPhone 6 Review

The Mystery Case for iPhone 6 is a different kind of animal compared to its cousins. It comes with a transparent design which is highlighted with eye-watering lace patterns which give it a feminine appeal. There are several lace designs for you to choose from. Our review case is a black variant which features purple-black sides with metallic finish. The surface comes smooth with its dust and scratch resistant properties.

This version is adorned with a floral design which is technically embossed at the back of the case. What I like about the case is that it never seems to alter the slim form factor of the iPhone 6. It is also very appealing and definitely a head-turner when seen in the wild.

Capdase Mystery and Chic Karapace Case for iPhone 6 Review

I did not encounter any issues with regards to compatibility, the Capdase Mystery Karapace Jacket case is tailor-made for iPhone 6 to give you full access for the important ports and buttons of the device.

Capdase Mystery and Chic Karapace Case for iPhone 6 Review

What’s in the Box?

It is also worth noting that the Capdase Mystery Karapace Jacket case includes a two-tone pouch which gives an extra protection to your iPhone 6. Plus, there’s also a screen guard included out of the box. The case has four colors and their respective embossed designs. The Mystery Karapace Jacket Pouch and Case comes with a Php 1480 asking price in your respective Capdase store and outlets.

Capdase Chic Karapace Jacket Case for iPhone 6 Review

The Chic Karapace Jacket, on the other hand, highlights a more premium construction between the two. Like the other Capdase cases that we have reviewed in the past, the Chic features a thin form factor. What makes it a standout is the fact that its back cover is made up of genuine handcrafted leather accented with a metallic silver frame.

Capdase Mystery and Chic Karapace Case for iPhone 6 Review

This gives the case a luxurious appeal. Its inner sides are highlighted with a mirror-like material which is very pleasing to the eyes.  Likewise, the sophisticated interlocking design infuses a “head-to-toe” protection for the iPhone 6. As far as the compatibility goes, the Chic Karapace Jacket offers optimal access to ports, buttons and toggles of the handset.

This case is also a performer when it comes to protecting the iPhone 6. It offers both scratch and dust protection. The best thing about the case is the inclusion of the built-in stand which offers hands-free viewing experience in a precise angle. This feature will be popular to all the streaming-hungry users in the market.

What’s in the box?

There’s neither screen guard nor pouch included in the box. The Capdase Chic Karapace Jacket features four colors. We had the Silver-and-White variant for our review which, I guess, is the better looking in the pack. Since it features a hand-crafted genuine leather, the Capdase Chic Karapace Jacket is priced at Php 1980.

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