Globe: Our network is now 100-percent 4G

Globe finishes HSPA+ rollout in the country. The Telco also boasts that their network is now “100-percent on 4G” speeds. We have previously reported that the Wonderful network has started its 3G and 4G campaign all over the country last month. Now, they claimed to have completed all phases of network upgrade bringing their network in 100-percent HSPA+ and 4G speeds.

“The Globe 4G HSPA+ network extends the company’s ability, as a telecommunications provider, to adequately serve high data usage of customers amid proliferation of bandwidth-intensive applications and growing preference for smartphones and other mobile devices,” Globe President & CEO Ernest Cu said.

The Globe 4G HSPA+ network  greatly enhances customers’ digital lifestyle as technological innovations constantly change the way people live and communicate, Cu said, noting that more and more people are more drawn into living the digital lifestyle and what they download, explore, and share online define their identity and lifestyle as digital citizens.

Cu also emphasized the technology would help underpin economic growth in the country as the technology enables Globe to provide the required capacity and performance for the rapidly growing data consumption of business enterprises. Globe Telecom’s pervasive 4G HSPA+ technology is most relevant to businesses that are looking for ways to enhance productivity and lower costs by adapting newer technologies that require fast and reliable data connectivity, said Cu.

In June, Globe Telecom became the first mobile operator in the country to fully equip its network with the 3G technology. The rollout of both 3G and 4G HSPA+ infrastructure for the entire Globe network forms part of the company’s transformation efforts.
Still, Globe Telecom will continue to upgrade its facilities in line with its thrust of future-proofing its network as technologies continue to evolve at a much faster rate.

Recently, Globe signed a landmark partnership with Alcatel Lucent to expand its LTE-TDD and LTE-FDD footprint in Visayas and Mindanao as part of an initiative to further extend the telecommunication provider’s mobile ultra-broadband infrastructure in the country. Last week, the company activated its first LTE-TDD site under the expansion program in Lahug, Cebu. The rollout is part of the mobile operator’s continuing adoption of more advanced technologies for better connectivity experience, higher network capacity and faster transmission speeds.

Globe also recently demonstrated proof-of –concept trials on LTE-CA  and LTE eMBMS, which are latest LTE technologies as part of effort to stay ahead of its customers’ burgeoning data requirement. The LTE CA technology dramatically increases efficient utilization of frequencies and thus would enable Globe to aggregate blocks of spectrum for higher bandwidth capacity.  On the other hand, the LTE eMBMS technology will pave the way for efficient delivery of video and multimedia services using the company’s LTE network.  
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