Microsoft to build an Android-powered Lumia device?

The recent release of the Nokia X was the Microsoft-acquired company's initial flirtation with Google's mobile operating system. Microsoft, together with Nokia, has built a great hardware with a forked version of Android that is presented with Windows Phone philosophy. Now, the company's Lumia series is supposed to run in an Android ecosystem.

After the Redmond company has taken over Nokia, a Lumia running on a stock Android is very imminent. Few days ago, we have seen some leaks of a Lumia device with a "Nokia by Microsoft" branding and although we are still at awe by the exquisiteness of the tagline, we are finding ourselves at the edge of our seats knowing the a purported Android Lumia is slated for primetime.

It's a no-brainer that Microsoft still needs to keep up with its two biggest rivals in the mobile arena and a device running on a stock Android would seem to be a clouded thought. But the company has a very good reputation of tweaking any software to look like their own (just like what it did with Nokia X). We are seeing that the Windows-maker will always take advantage of an Android compatibility to get an ample amount of user base and in turn, draw these users in their own products.

However, despite the consumer's push for an Android-powered Lumia, Microsoft might still be a purist of Windows Phone for the Lumia brand. But who wouldn't want to see the likes of Lumia 1520 and 1020 running on an open-source mobile operating system? The mighty 41-megapixel camera of the 1020 might actually be a pleasant hardware for thousands of camera apps found in the Google Play Store.

Does an Android-powered Lumia device make sense to you?
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