Samsung to debut an Android Wear-powered smartwatch in Google I/O Conference

Samsung is gearing up for an Android Wear-powered smartwatch in this year's Google I/O conference happening later this month. With Apple planning to have a concerted push with its iWatch in the wearable market; it is but a good gesture for the Korean outfit to cement another layer on its stake in this new product category.

We all know that Samsung has release more watches than the current market needs, but Korean giant is set to introduce not one but two more devices sooner rather than later. And one of the will be debuting in the Google I/O event this June 25th to 26th. This will be the first Samsung-made wearable that will be powered by Google's forked version of Android for wearables, the Android Wear. It will, of course, work with Android smartphones.

This two upcoming smartwatches will differ in the chipset that will be powering their respective guts. One will have the proprietary Samsung chip and the other will be of Qualcomm's branding. However, it is unclear to whether which of the two will debut next week.

Sad to admit, but despite all the smartwatch releases from different tech companies last year, the wearable market could hardly grab attention from the users. However, many believe that the entry from Apple will solidify this device category. On going reports suggests that the iWatch will manufacture 3 to 5 million pieces per month and is currently seeking an approval from US FDA to be a medical device.
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