iOS 8 Time-Lapse videos brought to action: Watch it Here

Last week was one of the busiest week in tech world when Apple introduces its next generation mobile operating system to the world in WWDC. Take it or leave it, the Cupertino giant brings in all the essential features that the flashy iOS 7 forgot to to put in the table. Now that we have seen the round up of those features, we could tell that upcoming native Photos and Camera app had their fair share of nods.

What Tim Cook's team forgot to upstage in the new Camera app is the Time Lapse feature. This feature is making rounds of popularity in the web when developers (or to those who have dev accounts) tried to post Time Lapse videos over Youtube. Basically, this feature lets you create "accelerated sequence" of photos in a span of time. You can record a Time Lapse in as long or as short as you'd like and your device will give you a "digestively" short video that is suitable for Instagram or Vine.

Try to check the video taken from an iPhone 5s with iOS 8 Beta 1 for you to have your own taste of Time Lapse.

Of course, the are bunch of apps loaded in different app stores that can do this trick but the Camera app in iOS will do it in smooth fashion.

Considering how awesome this feature is, Photogs from all walks of life will absolutely make their own version of Time Lapse video on their favorite social sharing site once the iOS 8 goes for worldwide release.
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