Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime: the Galaxy S5 on steroids rumor round-up

The Galaxy S5 is still roughly two-months old in the market but Samsung is brewing another variant with speedy processor and stunning display – the Galaxy S5 Prime. The Korean giant’s premium version of their Galaxy S line is existing after all. This bumped-up Galaxy S5 that is very different on what we have accustomed to is due in several weeks. But before that time comes, we have to indulge ourselves with round-up of rumors about this purported device.


This device has been rumoured to be the Galaxy F in early development of these stories. The Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime will have the stunning 5.2-inch 2K display as its marquee feature (2560 x 1440p resolution) that will probably sum up to 556 ppi. In the processor side of things, the Galaxy S5 Prime will have a newer generation of Qualcomm chip; the Snapdragon 805 will likely to be included in the package. It’ll carry a 2.5-gigahertz quad-core CPU with Adreno 420 graphics unit under the hood. The beefed-up 3GB RAM will take in everything thrown at it without a hiccup.

The existing Galaxy S5 has Snapdragon 801, Adreno 330 and 2GB of RAM. Comparing the specs, we could say that the new Galaxy S5 Prime is the more powerful version of the Korean giant’s flagship phone. For mobile photographers, the S5 Prime will get the same standard sensor off the original Galaxy S5 – a 16-megapixel rear shooter. Sensors and radios will have the Galaxy S5 as its standard unit.

The Premium build

Another notable feature of the Galaxy S5 Prime will be its premium construction. This variant will surely break Samsung’s bad habit of making powerful phones in a plastic case. As mentioned earlier, the device will have the same 5.2 –inch screen real estate. Due to the fact that the S5 Prime will be a water resistant variant phone in a metal case, it’ll have a slightly thicker depth.

Having all these information about the S5 Prime, aka Galaxy S5 on steroids, what do you think about this imminent device?
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