Globe launches cyberculture campaign for “digital natives”

Globe Telecom will be launching a campaign that promotes the creation of a safe and wonderful cyber culture for the users of today and the users of tomorrow: digital natives. Digital natives are part of the first generation to grow up “digitally” and to better understand the concept of technology.

How do you keep these digital natives, your younger siblings and children safe while using the internet? Participate in this campaign with the hashtag #GlobeDigitalNatives and this video Kindly tweet this campaign as well. Below are sample tweets you may use:

- Can you share your advice on how to keep children safe online? #GlobeDigitalNatives 

- Just like Globe, I am one for the safe use of internet #GlobeDigitalNatives

- My kid,just like other kids today,loves the internet. How do we keep them safe? #GlobeDigitalNatives

- Globe is one with us in creating a wonderful digital world for children through safe internet use #GlobeDigitalNatives
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