iPhone 6 to have a 4.8-inch screen and Gigabit WiFi standard

We've just pealed another year off our calendars and this marks another chapter for the blogosphere to forecast the next scene-stealer device from the market's big names. We all know that Apple's latest, iPhone 5s, have been in the spotlight for about 4 months. And I guess it's the right time for us to discuss on what we could expect on the "next" iPhone.

The iPhone 6 (let's keep the name that way) will have, among things, a 4.8-inch display. This marks the biggest screen real estate jump to date (iPhone 5 had a 0.5-inch bump from iPhone 4s). This size is, of course, based on some analyst predictions but I just think it's the right time for the Cupertino company to loosen up a bit.

And basing on your other sources, the iPhone 6 will also have a 5-inch+ model - though it's too early for us to have such claims. Another interesting point, the next iPhone will also offer a new WiFi standard - 802.11ac also known as the Gigabit WiFi standard. In short, this will put the iPhone in a speedier and more reliable WiFi connectivity.

Personally, I love the current size of the iPhone - 4-inch, compact and handy for your mobile photography. But if you need to keep up with the bigger displays of your friends' Android flagships, 2014 will be the year for you.
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