Cherry Mobile Titan Pro: first ever locally branded smartphone with a stylus

Cherry Mobile's Galaxy Note-ish has caused a quite disturbance in the calm water of the local mobile scene. Until, it still comes as a mystery to all avid fans - specs-wise. However, the local handset manufacturer has named it Cherry Mobile Titan Pro.

This new handheld comes with a sparkling 5-inch HD screen (1020 x 720p), a quad-core processor, 12-megapixel shooter and...hold your breath - a stylus which they called a Gesture Pen. The G Pen (if you may prefer) will probably have the same features as the Samsung's S Pen.

Sure, you can now "doodle your way to a whole new creative dimension" with this new scribbling accessory. However, there are no other details regarding this Note-like device. Cherry Mobile is set to launch the said phone on February 4 and we’ll probably have some series of leaked information along the way.

Cherry Mobile's introduction to a smartphone with a stylus will absolutely mark big in the local scene.
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