Daily Couple App Review: A daily portal to newer friends

The mobile world is dominated by dating apps which one way or the other let you meet people and try to get spark to any walks of the planet. The Daily app opens some bright new possibilities for singles in their quest of finding friends and special friends.

User Interface

The app is of unique nature. Compared to any other dating app, Daily Couple has an essential user interface that keeps you stay inside the app for a longer period of time. The mixture of white and gray scheme is way too chic that it could blend in your iOS 7 theme. It could even instill an inferiority complex to other primetime app like Skout and Couple.

The app is simple to use, even for a first time user, you'll always know how to get around the app. When you tap the app, you will be prompted on setting your gender and your friend preferences. Finding people is also just a walk in the park. One of the good things that I like the most is the minimalist feel. Everything seems to be in their proper place.


The Daily Couple app has all the features that it could boast among different mobile dating apps. It is very safe to use due to its high restrictions. It even restricts photo uploads to real photos only. It also has an edgy friend search through different categories - age, location and interest. Another exciting feature is the "Match of the Day" wherein the app serves as a matchmaker for potential love interests.

Aside from the given above, the Daily Couple app also features Love Match and Hotline Chat, Winking and proximity search.

The Wrap

Daily Couple is fresh and easy to use. It’ll get you hooked from the moment you tap it open in your homescreen. It’s available in both Android and iOS. So if you’re in the market for some free dating app with premium feel, Daily Couple is for you.

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