Security Camera HD by 20:20: Virtual Eyes

Security surveillance has become an important aspect of corporate, national and global organizations as part of their security strategies. We can never deny its importance in data analysis, security strategies and domestic preferences. The latter translates surveillance equipments into household’s necessities like baby and elderly monitoring through the use of your smart devices.

An app called Security Camera HD by 20:20 is one heck of an amazing app that transforms your two or more Android devices into a surveillance system – a high definition security camera and a video monitoring system. However, this is not limited to only 2 devices; you can mount as many phones as you want in random places. As long as you have the app, you’re entitled to this powerful surveillance network. You can watch anything under your roof – your baby, kitchen, pets, garage, etc.

One good thing that I like with this app is its social feature. You can invite friends to share cameras and build live network cameras locally or anywhere in the world.

How to set up?

Ofcourse, you’ll have to log-in into your Google account and go to PlayStore to download the app. Linking devices is just a walk in the park. You can just invite friends to join and their cameras will be displayed instantaneously. It should be noted that the network needs either WiFi or 3G connections. After that, you can just remotely record and watch a live streaming on your monitored areas.
The app is not just pure surveillance; 20:20 Camera app is a portable solution which lets you use your Android phone to control your security networks’ alarm (audio alerts) and monitoring function. You can also opt to use the HD function of the app. You can even set the alarm sensitivity to avoid false alarms. The app also supports cloud storage wherein videos are stored in your phone after recording.


Security Camera HD app by 20:20 is a portable solution for all your monitoring needs in your households or to wherever you wouldn’t normally install a security camera. This app deserves your second look in the PlayStore. The user interface is so simple yet it becomes a powerful tool for you home awareness and security, you’re like having virtual eyes in right at the comfort of your home.

[Download Security Camera HD by 20:20]
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