Everypost for Android App Review: Post Everywhere

Posting a status in many social media platforms could be a hefty job if you’re maintaining a dozen social accounts online. For a blogger like me, updating content on several platforms is very essential for promotional purpose. Business and web professionals also take advantage of social media to reach a larger scale of customers in the world wide web. This is where applications like Everypost extends its use for most of us.

How does it work?

It’s crafted by Everypost LLC to figuratively let you spread the beans in all your social media accounts in one setting. So far it’s the most convenient way update your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google+, etc., without having to shift from one tab to another. Aside from simultaneous broadcast of your updates, the app offers variety of media content that you can share. It ranges from photos with different in-house filters to videos and more! You can snap “instant” photos using the Everypost’s native camera or you can even import the good ones you have in your gallery.

Using Everypost is also a walk in the park if you’re having multiple accounts on Twitter or if you have a Facebook page. You’ll have the direction on where would you want your content to be posted in its settings panel. Just simply tap the icon on the upper part of your main posting panel.

User Interface

I’m in love with the very minimalist feel of the app. A first time user would have an easy way around the app. The app is very direct. Once you opened it, it’ll get you through the main dashboard with a lovable flat design. Composing a post is just like a breath of fresh air –you can choose between camera, video, gallery, images or even music. Plus, you get to toggle on and off your social media accounts to which you would want to post your content.

The app is a little straightforward – which is both a good and bad thing, it only depends on how you want this app to work. Personally, the smooth way it adds a social account and the fast way it broadcasts posts are its selling points.

Composing content is also a no-brainer. Just when you hit the app, the dashboard will prompt. And you can just type or select whatever content you want to share. After you hit the “post” button, it’ll lead you to a status page wherein you’ll see the list of accounts that you chose to publish your content. The check sign before the social media icon signals that your post has been broadcast. 


Everypost has a bunch of features under its belt. Posting wide media content to various platforms is already given. However, you also send post to your contacts via email. It also has a tweet and URL shortener that doesn’t limit your tweets to 140 characters. Likewise, you can choose to post your content to a specified Pinterest board, Tumblr blog and Google + Circles. You multimedia posts are provided by YouTube (video), Flickr (pictures) and Grooveshark for music. And in case you might want to raise this up – posting is unlimited.


Everypost for Android currently runs in version 1.1.20 and it requires that you have Android 2.2 (Froyo) and up to use the app. It is also available in iOS with current version 1.5.11 and requires iOS 5 and up.


The very minimalist nature of the app makes it a standout. It’s free in the Google Playstore. There’s a little to complain about the app with its free price point. In simple terms, the app serves as a gateway to all your social media accounts. If you’re a blogger, publisher, writer, business professionals or just a social media enthusiasts, giving Everypost a try would definitely worth your time. 

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