MahJong Skies for iOS: Most engaging MahJong Game in town

MahJong is one of the most iconic board game of the Eastern Culture. The game originated in China and crossed the seas in nearby countries like Korea and Japan. Now, it is quite a popular game worldwide. The art of the game concentrates on strategy building, calculation and luck. It has many variations and it even ended up using the 144 tiles to play a certain kind of solitaire.

Now, this is where the Mahjong Skies is patterned - an advanced mahjong solitaire with charming graphics. Its developer, Postmorph Ltd, described it to be the most rewarding experience in a Mahjong gameplay. The game has 144 unique levels with 8 different tilesets. The gameplay is quite unique compared to other Mahjong app - you just have to match the exposed and unobstructed tile to clear them out of the pile. Once the tiles are cleared, the game is finished.

Of course, just like any other game app, the objective is to gain the highest score. The fact that you can share your scores to Facebook, Twitter and Game Center would certainly boost your ego. The app is absolutely free but there is an in-app purchases for additional tile shuffles and additional levels.
User Interface
User interface is quite engaging and easy to deal with. Once you opened the app, you will be prompted to choose the kind of level that you want. You'll have to undergo 12 levels to go to the next star level. You'll have the option to use free shuffles once you got out of moves in every level. There's also a tip button to help you out when you're out of luck.

What I like the most?
Being a Mahjong addict kid, I was delighted to see my favorite board game on my smartphone. The Graphics is certainly the deal-maker of the game. Plus, there's a certain hook to the background sound that they've used in every levels. If you buy the full version, you'll have more interesting tilesets to play with.
The game is a hooker. You'll easily get addicted to the gameplay. The app is a great companion in the middle a busy bus station. Background music and graphics are great! A must try for little game app lovers.

[Download MahJong Skies for FREE here]
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