SMART publishes iPhone 5 Plans and Pricing for both Prepaid and Postpaid kits

Smart Communications releases Prepaid and Postpaid Plans and Pricing for the iPhone 5 prior to the handset's Philippine launch on December 14.

It is expected that Smart will offer locked iPhones on their Prepaid kit like what they did with the iPhone 4S last year. Check out prepaid pricing below.

SMART iPhone 5 Prepaid Pricing
16GB variant
Php 33,600
32GB variant
Php 38,780
64GB variant
Php 43,950

Smart also has an exciting pricing in its postpaid plans.
SMART iPhone 5 Postpaid Pricing
All-In 500
Php 23,800
Php 28,700
Php 33,400
All-In 800
Php 23,000
Php 28,000
Php 33,000
All-In 1200
Php 19,800
Php 24,000
Php 29,400
All-In 1800
Php 12,300
Php 17,100
Php 23,000
All-In 2500
Php 7,500
Php 12,000
Php 16,700
Plan 999
Php 23,976
Php 28,800
Php 34,800
Plan 2499
Php 7,200
Data 1500
Php 10,000
Php 15,000
Php 19,000
Data 2000
Php 3,400
Php 12,000
Php 14,000
Data 3000
Php 2,900

All plans comes in the same package like last year. However, 32GB iPhone 5 comes free in Data Plan 3000 which has unlimited internet, 300 minutes of voice calls to all networks and 240 SMS to all networks. A much cheaper plan is the iPhone Plan 2499 which includes free 32GB variant of iPhone 5 and bundled with 300-minute of calls (not sure if All Net) and 300 SMS. For me, the latter is the better deal.

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