Samsung preps-up 5-inch 1080p full HD display for the Galaxy S4

After HTC released the 5-inch 1080p monster phone in the form of Droid DNA (rumored to be HTC Deluxe internationally), Samsung wouldn't want to be left out in cold waters as it plans to debut a 4.99-inch full AMOLED display for the Galaxy S IV in Q2 next year.

So this starts the anticipation of the next biggest Android creation from the Korean manufacturer itself. It's not a secret to anybody that Samsung holds the record for having a huge sales for the Galaxy S III last Q3 of 2012. The release would also highlight the 441ppi 1080 pixel display that would give a shade to Apple's Retina display fans.

The Galaxy S IV has been in the rumor mill since the release of the iPhone 5. It is purported to carry most upgrades from the existing flagship standards like the 12MP shooter and 2 GHz processor speed.

There is no stopping Android manufacturers in widening the smartphone's real estate to the 5-inch department. With HTC and Samsung pushing up the bars, it'll be a great 2013 ahead.

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