Nokia to release a free mapping app called HERE in iOS and Android

Apple Maps service has drawn into public humiliation due to its underwhelming performance after it has debuted last October along with the iPhone 5. It even did axed out Google Maps into the entire iOS 6 ecosystem. With Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, issuing a public apology about the said mapping "disaster," it has open doors to other mapping providers to device a new service that could fill the gap in the iOS platform.

Finnish company, Nokia, has designed a new mapping service called HERE. It will soon be available for free download in Google Play and App Store. Defined by Nokia a the "first location cloud," it promises to deliver world's best maps and location services. Nokia has also added that the service will be full of features like to they call "modern mapmaking" and offline capabilities.

The App will be available in the near future. The fact that it's free, makes me more excited about it. But by how far is this mapping service better than the current Apple Maps? That we will know.

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