Nokia HERE Maps for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad now available for Free download

Nokia announced their rebranded mapping service in the past weeks and finally the sought after Nokia HERE Maps is already here, and is free to download for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users.

Filling the gap of Apple's native iOS 6 mapping service, Nokia HERE Maps would want you to "feel like local" in any places that you go. This mapping service would be a welcome glory to those who are a bit disappointed in the existing Maps service embedded in iOS 6.

The Finnish company's mapping service offers a lot more functional features than what the exisiting iOS 6 Maps have. One of its best features will be the ability to save map locally in your device so that you could always get back to the it even when there's no internet connection available. You can also choose among Maps View, Satellite View, Public Transport View and Live Traffic View to extend

Another keypoint of this app is that it allows social sharing of areas of interest and navigation information. But I'm not just sure if such features are activated here in the Philippines. However, if you really want to ditch that local iOS 6 Maps, I assure you this is way better.

Download the app now and tell us what you think of Nokia HERE Maps.

[Source: AppStore]
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