Microsoft Office for iOS and Android to debut in early 2013

One of the most profound reasons to get a Surface tablet is the accessibility to Microsoft Office applications, and while most of us wait for the Pro version of Windows 8, others are proactively hoping for an iOS and Android version of the famous application. But the long wait is over; TheVerge reports numerous sources citing that the most anticipated non-windows based Office Mobile is coming next year.

It is stated that the Redmond-based company will debut the Office Mobile in the form of a free app in early 2013, possibly Q1 for iOS. The Android version, like in frequent cases, will come subsequently. This will allow you to view Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents on your mobile devices. 

First and foremost, you should have a Microsoft account for you to launch and view you’re documents. This excludes editing functionality; you will be opted to subscribe in Office 365 within the app for you to make tweaks or edit your documents. But it is expected to have a lesser functionality compared to the full-blown desktop version. At the very least, Office Mobile would only serve as a supplement for your desktop version.

So this goes back to the statement that I’ve established earlier, Surface Tablet may have more Office functionalities that the iOS and Android version…for now. Thus, Office Mobile for iOS and Android seems like a leverage of Microsoft to draw consumer preferences to the upcoming Windows 8 Pro slate. But ofcourse, I’m not sour-graping, the app is still welcome in my devices. How about you?

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