Cherry Mobile Flare has a built-in Radio Receiver: Enable it without rooting your phone

Cherry Mobile Flare is undeniably flaring the local consumer electronic scene these past weeks. It has been sold out in most of the CM kiosks nationwide. With stunning features present in its cap, Cherry Mobile might have overlooked some essential features like FM radio receiver in this "Flare" phone...or maybe not.

Surprisingly, CM Flare has a built-in receiver under its hood. To enable it, all you have to do is do a little tweak in your device without even rooting. PinoyTechBlog accounts the steps on how to do the job. It includes enabling app source aside from Google Play in your handset and introduce and FM Radio App in it.

The app will only access Bluetooth connectivity and audio settings of your device. So it is rest assured that all your  confidential information are not at risk. I have tried installing it on my device and it works just like other native FM app in other feature phones.

[Source: PinoyTechBlog]
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