Amazon updates Kindle Fire and outs two more Fire HDs, price starts at $159 for 16GB

Amazon boils the competition as it releases new high-def Kindle Fires. It’s probably a way of pointing its numerous guns to a whole bunch of Android tabs, and if you would permit, to Apple’s iPad.

We all know that 2011 Kindle Fires are best sellers due to its cheap price tag and diversified Amazon’s support.  This year, Amazon announces an upgraded version that would run 40% faster, come twice the RAM and extend battery life. All of these in a price tag of USD 159 and shipping will start at September 14th! What would Google Nexus 7 say to that?

Aside from the upgraded version, two more Kindle Fire HDs were announced. They come in 7-inch and 8.9-inch. Both have IPS technology in 1920x1200HD display. The 8.9-inch tablet will have 254 ppi (near Retina levels). Under the hood, a TI OMAP 4470 processor will be driving the device. Dolby Digital speakers and a front-facing camera are also included. 

Software-wise, these new Kindle Fires deliver. These include XRay for Movies and Books, Whispersync for Games, native Email and Facebook app, Skype and Kindle Freetime. Price starts at USD 199 for 7-inch 16GB, USD 299 for 8.9-inch 16GB model. They also have a 4G variant, the 8.9 inch Kindle Fire with 4G LTE with 32GB storage at USD 499. That’s practically impressive.
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