Samsung spawns more Galaxy S III colors

Find the right hue of Samsung Galaxy S III as Samsung releases different colors to fit its consumers lifestyle!

Just when we think we are fascinated with the Pebble Blue and Marble White colors of the Korean’s “Wunderphone,” they tweaked their latest bestseller ala chameleon style. The Galaxy S III in now available in Garnet Red that you have seen with AT&T versions. However from the looks of it, Samsung might have decided to share the warmth worldwide. Other alterations come in Sapphire Black for those who want their favorite device to be as classy as they are.

Titanium Gray is quite chic as well, but I have to say “uh-uh” for Amber Brown (I just think it’s unconventional for a flagship phone). Anyways, color choices may vary depending on your carrier or retail stores. So if you’re planning to grab the Galaxy S III, I think you’ll also have to choose the platter that you want it in.
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