Samsung introduces the Galaxy Camera: Jelly Bean, 1.4GHz Exynos quadcore and 16MP with 21 x zoom

We’ve been seeing tons of Samsung-made cameras in the market, that’s why it makes sense for Samsung to create a new product by merging both camera and smartphone technology. Yes, several speculations came about when the Korean giant registered the “Galaxy Camera” as a company proprietary name this year. And the rumors have stopped when they announced the Galaxy Camera in IFA 2012 press conference. 

Smartphone photo enthusiasts are growing in numbers, mirrored by the fact that several camera app flock the app market of different platforms. In that case, Samsung has seen potential consumers - a big market at that. So now, it brought an android cam to its roster of products. And it seems like Sammy is serious about this maiden device because it poured an ample amount of pixie dust inside the Galaxy Camera box. 

The Galaxy Camera will have Android Jelly Bean (4.1) in a 4.8-inch SLCD display. It would certainly look like a Galaxy S III with a 21x zoom lens and a 16MP BSI CMOS Sensor – the specs that would post a high competition to your current smartphone taking-image ability.

Under the hood, the Galaxy Camera runs in an impressive 1.4GHz quad-core Exynos SoC (means that Galaxy Camera will not be your ordinary shooter). Memory-wise, it has 8GB internal memory and expandable memory through microSD is also an option. The 1650 mAh battery is always welcome.

There a 3G + WiFi and 4G + WiFi variants for the Samsung Galaxy Camera. Availability is not yet clear, but I’ll be updating you on that part. What I need now is your thoughts regarding this market. Do you think smartphone snappers would consider this piece of offering? Well, Samsung has the answers for that.

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