Samsung confirms Jelly Bean update for Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note

We all know that Samsung is more than willing to give the Jelly Bean update to its current flagship, Galaxy S III, “by the end of this month.” But what’s keeping us frenzy is the announcement of the second-in-command models from the Korean giant. Yes, last year’s favorites Galaxy S II and the Galaxy Note will receive the buttery Jelly Bean (Android 4.1).

Ice Cream Sandwich may have the air of being a lauded update last year, but the current iteration brings almost seamless experience to users. This is, by far, the closest thing an Android OS could get behind iOS. Project Butter had treated all Android apprehensions with the release of Google’s latest device – the Nexus 7 and announcement of support for all the Nexus devices.

But what’s more appealing to the Android community (which most of them covers the Galaxy S II) is the support that their device will have in the coming months. This old favorite chunk powered with dual-core processor will definitely have the buttery effect of Android 4.1. Likewise, the larger-than-life phablet from the Sammy, Galaxy Note, also have the update after the Galaxy S III and Galaxy S II.

With all brands struggling for Android supremacy, this update secures the lead of Samsung in the race - a race being well-played.

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