iPhone 5 and iPad Mini to debut on seperate dates

Despite all the hype that the new iPhone and iPad Mini will be announced in September 12, both of them seem to debut in two separate events this fall. Make sense to me because debuting two essential iDevices will be a staggering month for September.

It’s a done deal that Apple will announce the next generation iPhone and its latest iteration of mobile OS,  the iOS 6. iPhone will then be expected to hit the shelves nine days after the September 12 event.

The smaller iPad will then be announced in early October in an Apple’s music event with smaller price being its key factor to compete with the Asus-made Google Nexus that sports a quad-crore processor with Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean). Likewise, iPad Mini is predicted to be one of best selling gadgets of all time.

If given a rumored price of USD 249-299, iPad Mini will definitely be the premium Apple device that is set for the masses. With this being said, iPad will have a significant margin over its closest competitor in the tablet department.

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