Instagram 3.0 covers a new Instagramic experience

Have you checked your updates lately? One of our favorite app, Instagram, had experienced a major bumped! The current version is now Instagram 3.0 and it gave me a reason to love the once iOS-exclusive app.

Well, the major change is the Photo Map. You can now plot your images on a map based on your location. Yes, pictures are now coordinated with where they were taken. Feature’s fun but I guess we need to prepare our batteries when we step outdoors to snap our compositions.

Another enticing feature is your profile format’s new look. You can now view your photos in three formats - Continuous Feed, Grid Layout and On the Map.
The new upload screen has been magically tweaked in a much cleaner slate. Don’t worry, sharing options are still the same.

Pulling to refresh photo feeds may not be an issue anymore since the new version now has Infinite Scrolling. Photos just continue to load auto-magically.
So if I were you, I’ll click that update button now.

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