Apple to announce iPhone 5, iPad Mini and new iPod Nano this September

There’s an aggravating rumor in the Tech-World that the new iPhone (let’s call it iPhone 5 in the meantime) will be announced on Wednesday of September 12 and availability will come nine days after on September 21. Considering this lauded “heresays” that’s certainly hard to kill, here’s what to expect next month.

iPhone 5 bumped screen size

And Apple users think that it’s high time to bump the old 3.5-inch screen into 3.95 inches. The new screen will have an aspect of 640 x 1136 resolution. This will then elaborate the a 330 ppi which is somewhat identical to the 329 ppi of the iPhone 4S. It is safe to say then that Apple will still deliver its “Retina” tagline afterall. The next iPhone will have an aspect ratio of 16:9, that’s way better than the current 3:2 ratio. So I think that Apple is experimenting a five-row app configuration for iOS6 custom build.

iPhone new dock connector

A smaller dock connector will also be sported by the new iPhone. The current 30-pin connector will become 19 pins (some points out 16 pins and even 8 pins). This smaller dock will give way for the 3.5 mm headphone dock to be placed at the bottom (previously at the top), so we are speaking of a different design. This new connector will certainly create a buzz around accessory makers for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

iPad Mini and New iPod Nano

The iPad Mini is also slated to grace the event together with the new iPod Nano. However, iPad Mini will have a different availability date, most likely to hit shelves before Christmas. The new iPod Nano might feature an iPhone synchronization like an Android’s smartwatch, but I guess that will be farfetched. Sources say that it will feature Bluetooth 4 that will allow pairing between iOS devices with the latest iOS 6.

Ofcourse, I know that you know most of these rumors already. Nevertheless if the new iPhone comes this September, iPhone 4S would look like a patch-up for iPhone 4’s missing sleeve. To set the record, iPhone 4S just ran for about 11-months while the latter is overdue in 16 months. How pity is that?

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